Best Seasons for Trekking in Nepal.

All four seasons has its own special quality for travelling and its own excuse to get out of our comfort zone and explore to a place magical and spiritual. It cleanses our soul, making us feel alive and leaving us in awe each and every time we see the majestic mountains and huge lakes. There are 4 seasons that cycles around all over the year in Nepal that are Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each season gives a different type of feeling or vibe to the people that seek adventure. Winter which is from December to February has a cool and cold feel towards it; mostly for the people that love snowy peaks and love to travel around in the cold. Spring which is a popular time that fall from March to May magnifies the beauty of hills and forests covering them up in colorful flowers, it is said that during the time of Spring the hills are covered in colorful rhododendrons making the hills covered in a huge rainbow blanket. Summer season which is from June to August is for the people that love the feel of adventuring during the time of heat, that rush of adrenaline from their body while soaking in the vitamin D. The cold places are warm during summer and are ideal place to see the beauty of the mountains and bask in the sun.

Lastly, Autumn which lies from September to December has by far been the most popular among those four seasons as it has festival time running around the country making the tourist and the people of the country excited throughout the whole season. Travelling during the post cold weather and having cool walking adventure is certainly one of the perks of Autumn season. Seeing the liveliness of the country and its people that has rich in culture and with a mix of mountainous adventure is definitely something to see and feel when travelling to Nepal. But good season selection purely depends on the one thing that is the most important while travelling: the visibility of excellent view. Autumn season definitely wins in regards to that. If you’re willing to travel from around the globe all the way to Nepal just to get the perfect shot of the view will definitely be a let down if the weather gets bad during your travel. You’d want to see what the word “Majestic” actually looks or feels like. You’d definitely want to capture in your album and definitely want it to be something you’d keep your whole life.

What to expect in all four seasons?

If you’re traveling around summer you’d want to be prepared in terms of gears while carrying a raincoat at all times because rain comes for a visit almost everyday during the trail as most of the trial starts with dense forests and rivers. You’d want to be prepared for hot summer along the road but the perks of having a hot weather is that you can jump in the waterfalls along the way and just wash away the heat. The classic way to beat summer! Temperature is moderate but the visibility depends upon the weather in high places.

Whereas, if you’re traveling around Winter, then there are two things that you’d need to prepare for, snow and icy wind. The trails around the way down have no snows and the start of winter rarely has any snow but in the mid-winter you can expect deep snow when you start to reach ascend towards the top. The trails are covered in pure white snow and clear weathers often cool and you’d get the chance to see the clouds beneath you dancing around the view. But some of the trekking trails are closed during winter due to the extreme temperature and harsh climate. Visibility is low due to the often arriving winter storms but once the view is visible then it’s the perfect shot!

If you’re traveling around Spring, which is another famous time that comes after Autumn, here’s what you’d be getting. Green leaves all around with beautiful flowers covering up the forests. If you’re traveling to places that has high chances of rhododendron blooming around then you’d definitely get to see the rainbow-colored hills that I had mentioned earlier. We all know that spring is time you get to see the flora and fauna, the wild animals come out of their long winter hibernation and bask in the sun in middle of the day. You’d see green forests and mostly clear weather during the time.

Lastly, if you’re traveling during the Autumn season, then here’s what you’d expect. The weather is cool and warm depending on the place you’re traveling. The whole country has festive looking vibes on all the people’s faces. Dashain and Tihar which is the biggest festival of every Nepali falls under the time. The perfect time where the weather is clear and the view is amazing. And with a tinge of festivity in your travel makes it a time which is absolute worth it. You’d want to understand the culture that resides insides our Nepali life and the science behind the culture makes it fascinating to anyone new.

Likewise, travelling during the perfect time sometimes doesn’t really work out well to all of us but we all know a good saying to all the travelers, “It’s the journey that counts”. It speaks well when you hear it, when you’re traveling with friends and you bump into things that you have never seen before, trying to understand the way of life for the people in Nepal. You’d want to be a part of it and you’d meet good people around the way who’ll teach you things that you’ve never known and you’d teach them things that they’ve never known ever. It’s definitely the journey that makes the most of the memories and with a perfect shot of the view definitely makes it worth your every penny. It’s definitely an experience of a lifetime.

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