Top Five National Park to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is a country rich with nature and natural resources, being one of the countries where people  come from all over the world just to embrace nature and find joy in traveling would definitely want  to explore more places in Nepal. Being that National parks are our top go to places for people who  want to dwell in the wild and see the adventures that can happen, only in the wild. National parks and  conservation area come up when it comes to protecting the nature and conserving the ecology of  plants and animals. So that the rare species doesn’t go extinct and the balance in the ecosystem  remains. Since, Nepal is a place with balanced ecosystem and natural resources, many rare wild  animals can be found all over the places. Therefore, Nepal has placed its top priority in protecting  such natural resources and also has managed to bring down One Horned Rhino poaching to an  absolute 0%. Climate and vegetation also vary when it comes to national parks and conservation  areas. The wild animals inside are not disturbed in their daily life and can be observed to study their  various activities so that the rare ones can reproduce and increase their species chances of survival.

Furthermore, we’ve compiled our top 5 National parks that you can visit in Nepal. We will list out  the important things that you can do inside the national parks, the main attractions and the rare wild  animals that you can see during your exploring.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park: 

A perfect place to hike just at the edges of Kathmandu Valley. A go to place that can be explored in  less than a day. Shivapuri National park lies at the south side of Kathmandu valley and has its reach  almost over three districts being; Kathmandu, Nuwakot and Dhading. The vast hills that covers the

south side of Kathmandu valley habitats various rare species like leopards, Himalayan black bear,  Himalayan goral and so on. There are different trails that you can explore in the park and the trails  can lead you to prominent trekking destination like Gosaikunda and Langtang. But that is not only  the best thing about this place, the main best thing about this place is the city view you get once you  get towards the top. The view that radiates the feeling of pure satisfaction of a place that is  wonderous in many ways.

Sagarmatha National Park: 

Definitely a famous place, a place that has not only forests and rivers but ties with the holiest place  for Buddhists all over the world. A mystical place that can be called the forbidden valley and has the  highest peak all over the world. People come from many places all over the world just to see the  highest peak of the world; Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) standing tall with 8848m height. Sagarmatha  National Park gives adventurers and explorers the thrill of journeying to this forbidden valley while  overcoming different trails and difficulties. For the people who have interest in wild life, many rare  species can be found in this national park being; the snow leopard, red panda and so on.

Annapurna Conservation Area: 

A place that is not only mystical but has a strong connection with nature, Annapurna conservation  area has all there is to do, be it exploring deep valleys, uncovering the mountain’s secret or having  strong ties with nature and religion. The conservation area is vast place that has great forests, rarest

animals, and one of the biggest mountain range. Many of the peaks that passes the 8000m include in  this region. And the famous Mt. Annapurna and the eccentric Mt. Machapuchchhre can definitely be  defined as Majestic. For the people that has their own love over the wild can find, snow leopards,  Red panda, Kashmir Musk deer, clouded leopard and so on can be found in this region.

Bardia National Park: 

Bardia National park, a pristine national park in the Terai region of Nepal which was first established  in 1988 and covers an area of 968sq km being the largest national park of Nepal. The place itself is a  sanctuary for wild life. The wild animals in this national park are undisturbed and live in a perfect  habitat. Bardia National park is home for the famous royal Bengal tiger, one horned rhino and also  has many other mammals and reptiles. A place that you can take a walk to and get to see the wild  uncover in front of your eyes. The place is located at the far western district of Bardia and is  bordered by Karnali river. Definitely a place to visit and the place offers sport fishing at the Karnali  rivers. Autumn, winter and early summer are the best time to visit this national park.

Chitwan National Park:

Definitely the most famous National park for wild life and excursion. Located at the Terai lowlands  of south-central Nepal, the national park houses wild variety of diversified wild animals that include  the royal Bengal tiger, the one horned rhino and many other different animals. A place where you’ll

get an excellent chance to spot the one horned rhino at its peace and strolling around in its own  natural habitat. The national park also has wide variety species of birds. The national park boasts of  having 68 different mammals being rhinos, tigers, sloth bears, wild boars and hyenas. Another thing  the Chitwan national park is famous for is bird watching as the place has 640 species of birds  available and the many of the rare ones. Bird watching is a famous seasonal activity where you get  the chance to see beautiful birds like, jungle myna, Black crested bulbul, Asian open bill stork, Grey  headed fish eagle, peacocks and many other. There are many other different activities that are  available to do in the national park like, Elephant ride, Jungle safari ride, Watch tower, and many  more.

These are the top 5 national parks in Nepal. Definitely a place that you can enjoy nature working on  its daily routine and also blend in it.

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