Mountain Biking

Nepal and its geography are incredible as it is a combination of the Himalayas, hills, and the plains. Due to its geographical structure, it is very popular among the trekkers. But do you know that it is popular among mountain bikers too? Yes, Nepal is famous for mountain biking also. Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles through the off-road routes of cliffs and mountains using specially designed mountain bikes. It is as exciting and challenging as trekking. It has become the fastest-growing sport in Nepal. Mountain biking is available everywhere in Nepal.  You can hire mountain bikes easily and set for adventure. You can start it from the Kathmandu, capital of the country to any offbeat routes of Nepal. Some of the famous places for mountain biking are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mustang, Annapurna circuit, lower Everest region, etc. The ride takes you to the lap of natural beauty.

You travel through beautiful hills, terrace farming, forest, waterfalls, rivers, and mountains. It leads you closer to the highest peaks in the world. The off-road routes make the sports challenge, but when you see the beautiful nature surrounding you, you forget all the risks and want it approaches you for further cycling. You forget all the risk and the tiredness. You get to meet local people from different places with different cultures, traditions, and languages. It helps you to explore the cultural diversity of Nepal, too. Passing through the forests, conservation areas, and National parks, you get to explore diverse flora and faunas.  There are many teahouse and lodges through the way where you can rest and get relaxed. Thousands of mountain bikers choose Nepal for this adventurous sports. It is all about travelling through the cliffs, hills, mountains, off-road filled with rocks, and many difficulties. You need to be physically fit and must have good experience in riding a mountain bike. If you are on holiday and enjoy mountain biking, then you should choose Nepal. If you are on an extended holiday and have good stamina, then you can cycle through many remote areas of Nepal, or you are on a short holiday, then you can enjoy cycling in Kathmandu and near places to the Kathmandu. No doubt, you will return with the best experience of life. It is a great way to discover Nepal. Once you try this sport here, you will repeatedly want to visit and explore it more. 

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