Nepal is blessed with all the natural resources and beauties that compels you to visit once in your life-time. Not only for the mountains and trekking but for rafting too. Nepal has plenty of white-river that flows down the mountains from their glacier. It is the second richest country in water resources. And these whitewater rivers gives you the best experience of rafting in the world. Rafting is an activity that uses an inflated boat to flow with the rapids of rivers. It gives you thrills and excitement and is an appropriate activity for adventure lovers. There are many rivers where you can raft. You will get some best river rafting trip that you will never get anywhere around the world. Some of them are Upper Seti river rafting tour, lower Seti river rafting tour, Karnali river rafting tour, Sun Koshi river rafting tour, Marshyangdi river rafting tour, Tamur river rafting tour, Trisuli river rafting tour, Bheri river rafting tour, Bhotekoshi river rafting tour, Kaligandaki river rafting tour, etc.

 Single-day rafting trips and multi-day rafting trips are available in Nepal. You do not need to worry even if you do not have experience. The guide provides you with training for beginners with enough safety measures. You will be provided with a helmet and life jacket so that even if you fall from a raft while being on a rapid point, you will not drown. And also there will be several rescuers to rescue you. When you are going with the flow of rapids of the river, you will feel the adrenaline rush that you never felt before. It gives you all the excitement and thrills of life. While going down in the river and coming up with the rapid, you will feel like you conquered the world. You can choose whether to sit in front of the raft or back. If you want to experience all the adventure and enjoy the rapid, then you should be in front. You can enjoy the landscapes, mountains, etc., while rafting. And if you are on a multi-day rafting trip, then you can camp on vast white sandy beaches with a subtropical climate and warm water. September to early December and March to June is the favourable time for rafting. So, if you are on a trip to Nepal, whether short or long, you should surely try this activity for excitement, thrills, and to recharge your energy of life.

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